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Meet Information

Meet Information

Novice swimmers usually attend 1-2 meets per year. Intermediate - level and above swimmers may compete in 3-4 home meets, with the opportunity to advance to championship meets. Every artistic / synchronized swimming meet has two competitive portions to it: a figures meet and a routine meet. At a figures meet the swimmer competes alone against other swimmers, performing just figures.  At a routine meet the swimmer may compete in the solo, duet, trio, team or combo event. The final rankings are determined by combining swimmers' individual figure scores with their solo and/or team routine scores (50/50).



In the United States swimmers compete at the championships include but not limited to: State, Regional, Zone, Age Group National, JR Olympics. New swimmers typically begin compete at the Novice or Intermediate Championships at their age category. Swimmers with significant synchro experience typically compete at the Age Group, Junior (elite 15-18), Senior (elite 18+). Also swimmers may compete at Collegiate Championships (while enrolled in 4 years college program) and Master Championships (swimmers aged 19 and up). 






Championships Structure
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